Bobby Vee Art Exhibition To Include Limited Edition Prints
The Satellite Gallery
15 East Minnesota Street, St. Joseph, MN

Collegeville, MN - Recently retired, 60's singing icon Bobby Vee has enjoyed a performing career spanning 52 years and much of the globe. He placed 38 hits in the Billboard Hot 100 and 14 in the Top 40. In fact, Billboard Magazine called him one of the "Top ten most consistent chart-makers ever."

After many years quietly painting in the background purely for enjoyment, he is debuting select pieces of his work for the very first time. Idyllic scenes echo his small town Midwest roots mixed with random images and original works from various periods. Digitally reproduced limited edition signed prints will be available, individually printed using archival fine art paper and inks. Proceeds from these sales will go to the "Bobby Vee Foundation For The Arts," to further a mission that began 30 years ago with his wife, Karen, and family in support of Central Minnesota arts and education.

“English Cottage”

“Cabin on the Prairie”

“Cabin in the Woods”

“Fishing at the Lake”

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