Our goal in this section of Bobby's web site is to tell you about some of his chart records, concert success, film success, and incredible music career around the world.


Australian Top 40 Chart Singles -

Label & Number
Rubber Ball
London HL 1745
02/18/61 1 One Last Kiss London HL 1744
04/01/61 21 Stayin In London HL 1778
06/03/61 4 Baby Face London HL 1818
09/23/61 2 Take Good Care Of My Baby London HL 1855
12/16/61 3
Run To Him
London HL 1900
01/13/62 16 Walking With My Angel London HL 1900
03/24/62 23 Please Don't Ask About Barbara Liberty LIB 55419
06/10/62 26 Punish Her Liberty LIB 55479
06/23/62 26 Sharing You
Liberty LIB 55451
12/22/62 3 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Liberty LIB 55521
04/21/63 34 Charms Liberty LIB 55530
11/22/63 30 Yesterday And You Liberty LIB 55636
03/15/64 29 I'll Make You Mine
Liberty LIB 55670



The Republic of Chile in South America gave Bobby a Top Ten Hit with "How Many Tears."


Throughout Europe, from Germany to Switzerland, from Holland to France, Bobby Vee had and still retains a huge fan base. Good music knows no language barriers.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong saw four of Bobby's singles go Top Ten, "Devil Or Angel", "How Many Tears," "More Than I Can Say," and "Rubber Ball."

New Zealand

New Zealand, an independent state in the South Pacific saw "More Than I Can Say" and "Take Good Care Of My Baby" go Top Ten for Bobby.


"One Last Kiss" went Top Ten in the Philipines.

United Kingdom

In the 60s Bobby Vee appeared on the Singles
Charts for a total of 134 weeks. Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets album reached #3 on England's charts and remained there for several months. Bobby and The Crickets quickly followed up the album's success with a tour of Great Britain in the fall of 1962.

By 1963 Bobby had collected 10 Top 40 hits in England.

The Beat Goes On, The 60s Magazine (published in U.K.) 1991, Bobby was voted "Best American Act." 1992 Voted the "Best Live Performer." Bobby's 1992 tour was a huge success and this was further confirmed by the contest results. 1993, Voted Favorite Male Singer." 1994, Bobby was named "Runner Up" to Paul McCartney in the category of "Most Accomplished Performer."

UK Top 50 Chart Singles -

TITLE Label & Number
01/19/61 4 Rubber Ball London HLG 9255
4/13/61 4 More Than I Can Say London HLG 9316
08/03/61 10 How Many Tears London HLG 9389
10/26/61 3 Take Good Care Of My Baby London HLG 9438
12/21/61 6 Run To Him London HLG 9470
03/08/62 29 Please Don't Ask About Barbara Liberty LIB 55419
06/07/62 10 Sharing You Liberty LIB 55451
09/27/62 13 A Forever Kind Of Love Liberty LIB 10046
02/07/63 3 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Liberty LIB 10069
06/20/63 21 Bobby Tomorrow Liberty LIB 55530


UK Album Charts -

PEAK POS TITLE Label & Number
03/62 20 Sings Hits Of The Rockin' 50s London HAG 2406
02/62 7 Take Good Care Of My Baby London HAG 2428
11/62 3 Meets The Crickets Liberty LBY 1084
01/63 10 Recording Session Liberty LBY 1084
04/63 10 Golden Greats Liberty LBY 1112
10/63 15 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Liberty LBY 1139
04/80 5 Singles Album U. A. UAG 30253


The following are songs that made it out as singles in places other than the USA.

My Prayer/Young Love
Pretty Girls Everywhere/Candy Man
Suzie Q/Love's Made A Fool of You

School Days/Rubber Ball
Pretty Girls Everywhere/The Night Has 1000 Eyes

Peggy Sue/Charms
Sunny/Lil' Red Riding Hood
You Can't Lie To A Liar/Come Back When You Grow Up

Sweet Little Sixteen/Looking For Love
Peggy Sue/Lucille

A Forever Kind Of Love/Remember Me Huh
True Love Never Runs Smooth/Hey Little Girl
At A Time Like This/Sharing You
Sunrise Highway/Someone To Love Me
Like You've Never Known Before/Growing Pains
Tenderly Yours/The Night Has 1000 Eyes
Let The Four Winds Blow/Come Back When You Grow Up

Suzie Q/Run To Him

School Days/Do You Wanna Dance
Silent Night/White Christmas

World Down On Your Knees/ Come Back When You Grow Up (in Italian)
Ama Chi Vuoi (Run To Him in Italian)/Baby Face
Charms/L'a Detto A Me (She's Sorry in Italian)

Remember Me Huh/Walking With My Angel
One Last Kiss/Poetry In Motion
Lover's Goodbye/Susie-Q
Suspicion/I'll Make You Mine

Who Am I/He Will Break Your Heart
Hold On To Him/Count On Me
That's What Love Is Made Of/Stubborn Kind Of Fellow

A Rose Grew In The Ashes/Beautiful People

South Africa:
School Days/Summertime Blues